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“My favourite piece that I performed with the Lewisham Choral Society was When David Heard by Eric Whitacre. It is such a powerful piece of music. It was a tough song to learn but so rewarding to perform.”

“I loved singing Faure’s Requiem in 2010 and have had the piece in my Spotify playlist ever since. In Paradisum is my favourite movement and I walked down the aisle to it in December 2014.”

“My most memorable experience of singing in the choir was when we sang Spem in Alium, a 40 part Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis, in the beautiful Baroque church, St Pauls, in Deptford.”

“We sang Spem In Alium twice during the same concert – once in normal choir formation and again spread out in small groups, with the 40 parts all weaving in and out and reverberating around the church. Quite magical.”

“My favourite piece so far has been The Passing of the Year by Jonathan Dove. It wasn’t easy to learn, but now we have a family tradition of listening to the last movement at midnight on New Years Eve.”

“I’d be pushed to say which I’ve enjoyed singing the most, Verdi’s Requiem, Mozart’s Mass in C, or Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle. All have been exhilarating and moving.”

“I can only associate pieces I have sung with the occasion when I’ve sung them, so for me performing with fellow LCS members the wonderful Benjamin Britten version of our National Anthem, in the Olympic Stadium before HMQ herself and millions of others will forever stay in my mind. But I’d love the chance to sing John Adams’ thrilling Harmonium, which I missed out on when LCS sang it before!”

“Eric Whitacre’s Cloudburst, performed at the Cadogan Hall, was such an atmospheric occasion, with its bells and thundersheets and the choir snapping their fingers like raindrops. If you closed your eyes, you could really imagine you were caught up in the middle of a tropical storm.”

“It has to be that performance of the magnificent Mahler’s 8th ‘Symphony of a Thousand’ in Guildford Cathedral. I would go to Timbuktu to sing it again!”

“For me the joy of singing with LCS is its hugely varied repertoire. Classical choral works are always great fun to sing, but I find modern pieces so interesting and love the challenge of modern music. I especially enjoyed singing Eric Whitacre’s When David Heard at the wonderful Cadogan Hall. On the surface, this piece is simple with its pure ‘a capella’ form. However it is deceptively complex and beautiful with its close interplay between silence and close harmony. I found a real emotional connection to it and absolutely loved singing it.”

“Monday morning.  Late January.  Cold.  Raining.  Tax due.  Life feeling
grim.  Very grim.
Dog in harness and out we go.  Headphones on.  Mozart Requiem full blast. The complex soaring Kyrie.  The contained power of the Dies Irae.
The sublime Hostias.
Result? A few people in Forest Hill a bit concerned about a blind woman
walking alongside  the South Circular smiling and singing loudly in a
foreign language.
Me?  Joy.  Energy.  Peace.
Thanks Mozart and thanks LCS. Optimism restored.”

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