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 More →

A Christmas Fantasy Is Here

Christmas is nearly with us, and LCS have a wonderful programme of music for you for the festive season. Hot on the heels of our Sounds Imperial concert is A Christmas Fantasy on Saturday the 16th of December at St Mary the Virgin Parish Church in Lewisham. Tickets are available More →

Confused? You will be! It’s an imperial jigsaw…

Writing the programme notes for our Sounds Imperial concert proved to be a somewhat confusing job for our research king Martin Bull. The concert begins with Haydn’s Te Deum in C major: But which Te Deum in C? There are two works with that title! The first dates from around More →

Augmentin cost without insurance

Research for our Sounds Imperial concert revealed a somewhat bizarre story about one of the composers which sounded like something out of the Hammer House of Horror – Joseph Haydn was buried with two heads! Haydn passed away in Vienna on the 31st May, 1809 after a long illness. The Augmentin cit costa

From Joseph Haydn to Jonathan Dove

LCS chair Brenda Scanlan challenged our programme compiler Martin Bull to find a link between the Haydn and Mozart at our November 18th concert, our home patch of Lewisham, and the choir itself. Well, nothing came to light to match Haydn, Mozart and Lewisham but Martin did find a link More →

Sounds Imperial comes to New Cross!

Just seven weeks to go until Sounds Imperial regally processes to the Great Hall at Goldsmiths, LCS hopes you mark your calendars for Saturday November 18th… and dare we say it… book a ticket! For this concert, we are presenting a regal extravaganza of choral and orchestral music by Joseph More →

Picnic in the Park

Not too long ago on August 13th, members of LCS and Hackney Singers met in Greenwich Park for sunshine and sustenance. Twenty-five singers made their way to the Royal Park, and Hackney Singers’ chair Julie Granger kindly photographed some of the attendees – both young and old! And whilst the More →

Music and Memory

LCS singers fortunate enough to be part of the choir’s Royal Festival Hall performance of Bach’s B minor Mass, will recall that for the first few bars we put aside our scores and sang from memory. An exhilarating experience for many – which LCS soprano Annie Rimmer suggests we might More →

Encounters of a Musical Kind

In doing his research for our concert programmes, Martin Bull is always on the look-out for connections between the choir and the composers whose music we are going to perform. On the 8th of July, LCS marks the 50th anniversary of the death of the Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály, and More →

Eastern Europe comes to Sloane Square

On Saturday the 8th of July, LCS are performing in the beautiful ‘Arts and Crafts’ church of Holy Trinity, Sloane Square for a musical feast from Eastern Europe. Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály wrote his glorious Missa Brevis as a gift for his wife while they were in hiding in a More →

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